In his second solo exhibition Saïd Kinos explores the ephemeral nature of modern day communication.

Because of the rapid changes in the way people interact with each other, the amount of information we have to process on a daily basis has become so immense that it gets harder to break through the static.

Language becomes abstract as we move constantly though timelines and news feeds. How much information we consume is actually valuable? How does our online presence affect our worldview? And how do we create something that lasts longer than the algorithm allows for it to be shown to others?

These are all questions that Saïd explores in his work. Not necessarily giving answers, but addressing the questions to have the viewer draw their own conclusion

For this exhibition Saïd Kinos created an entire new body of work consisting of paintings, collages, drawings and wood assemblages.

The show will be running from November 17th 2017 - January 5th 2018